Monday, November 12, 2012

First of all I am not totally success in blogging. But here is my a short plan and idea.
Make a schedule
I know some of the popular and biggest bloggers not posting regularly, or even at frequent but apparently random intervals. They have a lot of subscriber who falls on their every word, and who doesn’t care if those words are published at irregular times.
There’s no need to add extra stress to your blogging by thinking you must publish a post at 12 noon every Tuesday and Friday.  And never publish a post that isn’t ready for your readers’ eyes. Scheduling is less important than quality.
Effective post for optimize search engine.
So, creature actually search engine friendly is always a good way. If you’re writing clear, helpful posts then you’re already using some SEO keywords without even trying. If you also use heading tags to format your posts that give each post a structure that search engines can understand.
 Make you blog post words long
Why did this ever become a blogging rule? More importantly, why assume that this rule applies to your blog? Every post you write should be long enough to get your point across and stick in the reader’s memory; no more, no less.
That could be 100 words plus supporting media, or it could be a 3,000 word epic post. It really depends what you’re writing, and who you’re writing it for. Don’t count words while you write – it’s a time suck and a bad habit for any writer to get into. If you’re curious about your draft’s word count, check it during editing instead.
Make every social network profile
That would be a great idea. No less then, it would be exhausting to keep them all active and up-to-date. There’s no point creating a profile if it looks abandoned when your readers check you out on Twitter, Facebook, or StumbleUpon.
So that was about my plan hoped you all will like this.

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